Host FAQs


Why use East Coast Apprenticeships?

We take care of all the recruiting! Our skilled Employment Consultants will provide you with applicants who have gone through our comprehensive selection process and meet the appropriate criteria so that you are provided with the apprentice or trainee that suits your needs.

We take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on your business and passing on your skills to your apprentice or trainee.

You will have personalised direct contact with our experienced Business Development Officers and staff who provide professional service.

If you are unable to keep your apprentice in work, we will endeavour to place them with another Host Employer so they can continue their apprenticeship uninterrupted.

No hidden costs! We provide a transparent costing that displays all costs and inclusions.

Our aim is to make employing apprentices and trainees a hassle-free process for Host Employers.

East Coast Apprenticeships is a long-standing community based, not-for-profit organisation and we seek to provide the highest standards of service and integrity to our Host Employers, apprentices, trainees and the community.

What is Group Training?

East Coast Apprenticeships employs apprentices and trainees, placing them with “Host Employers” who provide training and experience in their chosen trade.

East Coast Apprenticeships manage the apprentice / trainees’ College bookings, wages, employment and training contracts and provide support and guidance for our Hosts, apprentices, and trainees.

For our all-inclusive service, East Coast Apprenticeships charges an hourly rate which covers the apprentice / trainees’ wage and costs covering:

Superannuation, Annual Leave, Sick/Bereavement Leave, Leave Loading, Public Holidays, Workers Compensation, Tool Allowance, Tax, College Attendance and more
This hourly rate only needs to be paid when the apprentice is at work. 

Apprentices can be employed for weeks, months or years. At East Coast Apprenticeships, we seek a genuine commitment to train apprentices and trainees and usually expect Host Employers to engage with their apprentice / trainee for a reasonable period to facilitate training.

Do you do Labour Hire?

No, East Coast Apprenticeships is not a Labour Hire company and does not provide workers in that capacity. We seek to place apprentices / trainees with Host Employers who will ‘cement’ the on-the-job training opportunities in accordance with Training Plans.

How does East Coast Apprenticeships select Apprentices / Trainees?

Our number one priority when looking for a suitable apprentice or trainee is their attitude and their willingness to work, listen and learn! 

  • Applicants can be selected from our database or from your own shortlist.
  • All successful applicants undergo assessments and a series of interviews.
  • As the Host Employer, you are also invited to conduct a final interview / assessment before the commencement of the apprentice / trainee’s employment.

As a base for our potential construction apprentices we would expect them to have a car, licence and Construction White Card.

We can provide the right apprentice or trainee for your business, so make sure to let us know what you are looking for, including:

  • Year Level and Trade
  • Current Experience
  • Ideal Location
  • Any other requirements for the position

Can you tell me how much it costs to host an apprentice or trainee?

The cost to host an apprentice or trainee will depend on the relevant industry award, allowances and year level. East Coast has formulated costing sheets for every industry which are available upon enquiry.

Contact your nearest East Coast Apprenticeship Branch to speak to one of our Business Development Officers, or complete an Host Enquiry Form online.

What happens if I am unable to retain the apprentice or trainee?

Simply provide your Business Development Officer at least two working days’ notice if you are in the Construction industry or ten working days’ notice for all other industries and we will seek to place the apprentice / trainee with another Host Employer.

Will my Business Development Officer assist me if there are issues with my apprentice / trainee?

Your Business Development Officer is there to help with any concerns you may have about your apprentice / trainee’s performance or behaviour. Our Business Development Officers have previous industry knowledge / experience and understand the expectations, pressures and time constraints of the industry.

If you have any questions, contact your Business Development Officer ASAP.

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