East Coast Apprenticeships is a Group Training Organisation that employs Apprentices and Trainees in all industry areas. We place our Apprentices and Trainees with successful companies where they learn their selected trade.

East Coast Apprenticeships is a community-based not for profit organisation dedicated to helping others find employment and to providing community service. We have been in operations for 29 years and our core business is Group Training with a focus on traditional trade apprentices.

At East Coast Apprenticeships, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in the management of employment and training. The service that we provide to our clients is the heart of our mission statement. We take pride in our workmanship and strive for a reputation of integrity and quality service.

East Coast Apprenticeships services Host Employers and Job Seekers looking to obtain Apprenticeships and Traineeships all over Queensland.

We have offices located in:

This enables East Coast to service a large area of Queensland. To contact one of our offices Click Here.

East Coast Apprenticeships specialises in all areas of employment for Traditional Trades including:-

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East Coast has created a reputation for innovations in training and is recognised as a ‘benchmark’ group training company. We offer training solutions and innovative planning and advice for the provision of employment and training programs supported by both State and Federal Departments. We continue to support training initiatives to Canada, where British Columbia has introduced the concept of Group Training.

Group Training

As a quality Group Training Company, we offer some unique employment and recruitment opportunities for employees and employers. If you would like to know more about Group Training and how it works, look in our FAQ page.
Group Traning
East Coast Apprenticeships seeks to place quality candidates predominantly into apprenticeships, but we do offer some traineeships. We also support quality Host Employers who provide a genuine commitment to training Apprentices.

Group Training is an easy, flexible alternative for businesses that want to take on Apprentices and Trainees. East Coast Apprenticeships employ Apprentices and Trainees and then place them with ‘Host Employers’; usually small to medium sized businesses. Larger corporate companies are also beginning to see the benefits of using our Group Training Scheme. These benefits include:

  • Providing professional service and experienced staff to manage recruitment – making sure you get the best person for your job.
  • A full ‘pastoral care’ service looking after your Apprentices and Trainees.
  • Calculating and paying their salaries and on costs according to Awards, EBAs and AWAs.
  • Arranging all training requirements and assessments with the approved Registered Training Organisations.
  • Rotating Apprentices/Trainees to suit your workload, business and training requirements.
  • Completing all statutory paperwork.
  • Monitoring and supporting the placement throughout the period of employment, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

East Coast is not a Hire Company. We seek to place Apprentices with Host Employers who will ‘cement’ the training opportunities for their apprentices during on-the-job training in accordance with Training Plans. Training can be less than effective if apprentices are moved around too quickly between Host Employers as can be the case with Hire Companies. Our reputation is forged on integrity, quality and service.


East Coast is committed to trade training apprentices in the building and construction industry. We are a registered building company and tender on the open market for projects. We train our own apprentices on these projects in the skills and attitudes required of a new-start apprentice. This includes training in small team leadership skills, project management skills and remedial training.

East Coast has specialised in building homes for the disabled/senior citizens and undertakes projects for community requirements. We are an active participant in the Queensland Government’s public housing programs and hold Pre-Qualification Certification Rating 3, ‘Best Industry Practice’ from the Department of Housing.

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Training Initiatives, Solutions and Project Management

East Coast has a reputation for the development of unique Training Initiatives, Training Solutions and Project Management. East Coast has conducted over 50 successful projects and programs. With a wealth of training development experiences, East Coast is now working with major industry leaders and most recently, International clients in providing solutions for vocational training needs.

We manage the Australian Governments National Apprenticeship Program which is at the forefront of vocational training with its unique two-stage pathway to trade training.

Our international program with the Republic of Nauru has placed our training initiatives on the International stage.

Community Programs and Training Courses

East Coast Apprenticeships undertakes community programs to help train and prepare members of our communities for sustainable employment. We also undertake from time to time, community projects. One such successful project was our “Bring Melissa Home” when we harnessed the support of over 160 individuals and suppliers and sub-contractors to build a purposed designed home for Melissa and her family.

East Coast’s Job Support Training

East Coast Apprenticeships is proud to provide community assistance to job seekers and employers alike through a variety of employment orientated programs. In many instances, these programs are funded by Federal and State Government and are offered free to the community. Selection criteria apply in most cases and details can be provided on eligibility from our offices in Brisbane, Brisbane South, Burpengary, Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg.

Apprentice Jobseekers can register online here.

East Coast conducts training in our multi-function Training and Conference facility. These facilities are available for rent. Contact us for details.