Why Choose Us?

East Coast Apprenticeships is a proud traditional Group Training Organisation that employs Apprentices and Trainees in all industry areas. We place our Apprentices and Trainees with successful companies where they learn their selected trade.

A community-based not for profit organisation who have been in operations for 35 years and our core business is Group Training with a focus on traditional trade apprentices.

At East Coast Apprenticeships, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in the management of employment and training. The service that we provide to our clients is the heart of our mission statement. We take pride in our workmanship and strive for a reputation of integrity and quality service.

East Coast Apprenticeships services Host Employers and Job Seekers looking to obtain Apprenticeships and Traineeships all over Queensland

East Coast Apprenticeships specialises in all areas of employment for Trades including:

Building and Construction
Off-site Construction

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Business Administration
Commercial Cookery

And many more…

Group Training is an easy, flexible alternative for businesses that want to take on Apprentices and Trainees

East Coast Apprenticeships employ Apprentices and Trainees and then place them with ‘Host Employers’usually small to medium sized businesses. Companies are also beginning to see the benefits of using our Group Training Scheme. These benefits include:

  • A full ‘pastoral care’ service looking after your Apprentices and Trainees.
  • Calculating and paying their salaries and on costs according to Awards, EBAs and AWAs.
  • Arranging all training requirements and assessments with the approved Registered Training Organisations.
  • Rotating Apprentices/Trainees to suit your workload, business and training requirements.
  • Completing all statutory paperwork.
  • Monitoring and supporting the placement throughout the period of employment, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

East Coast Apprenticeships is not a Hire Company

It is very important to acknowledge this and to understand the critical difference because to confuse the two, creates a risk of denying the real training value of apprenticeships and traineeships.

What are those differences?

Firstly, Group Training places apprentices and trainees with Host Employers as a legal requirement to secure “On-the-Job” training, a formal feature of a Registered Training Plan. In a Host Employers’ workplace, the apprentice is there to be trained and supervised. Supervision is a legal requirement under Workplace Health and Safety legislation and the legitimate requirements of the Training Plan. Training under supervision is the key and the direct supervisor must be qualified and committed to this role.

On the other hand, a Hire Company hires competent individuals who are already skilled or are semi-skilled workers to the level required to complete designated tasks.

As competent workers at a pre-determined skills level, they are not required to have training to complete what they have been hired to do, nor are they required to be supervised in training for that purpose. Another most discerning role of East Coast Apprenticeships, a Group Training Organisation, is Pastoral Care.

The quality of Pastoral Care is an essential ingredient in the training and supervision roles of apprentices and trainees under training and supervision. The final significant implication of East Coast Apprenticeships and our apprentices and trainees placed with Host Employers is the increased practical responsibility of the Host Employer to the safety and welfare of those apprentices and trainees in the Host Employers’ controlled workplace.

“For training and under supervision” must always be remembered and acknowledged by Host Employers
with East Coast Apprenticeships’ apprentices and trainees.

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