Host Employers for Apprentices and Trainees

East Coast partners you with motivated employees who are ready to learn and get to work

For over 30 years, East Coast Apprenticeships has been sourcing apprentices and trainees for businesses just like yours to help ensure the next generation of workers inherit real-world job skills through workplace training and mentorship, combined with both practical and the underpinning theory knowledge gained through off-site training at college as part of the apprenticeship/traineeship model. 

We currently have more than 1000 active Host Employers across Queensland, many are small to medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries such as automotive, construction, engineering, manufacturing, health, hospitality and business. 

We specialise in a “Group Training” approach in which we employ apprentices and trainees and place them with Host Employers who provide them with on-site training. Apprentices and trainees will simultaneously study for a certification in their chosen trade whilst they gain this valuable work experience. 

As a community-based, not-for-profit organisation, we seek Host Employers who have a genuine commitment to train apprentices/trainees and want to engage with them. 

When you become a Host Employer, a dedicated Business Development Officer will be assigned to your company. They will make regular on-site visits to check on the progress of your apprentice or trainee and provide you with any support you may require. 

See our FAQs below to learn more about being a Host Employer and how the whole process works. 

We take care of everything for you

Our aim is to make employing apprentices and trainees a hassle-free process for all our Host Employers, so we manage the whole recruitment process for you. 

We take care of all the necessary administrative paperwork such as payroll, tax, super and Work Cover so you can really focus on your time on your business as well as passing on your skills to your apprentice/trainee.

Your Business Development Officer will always be available to provide you with support throughout the process and to answer any questions you may have. 


Finding the best of the best for your business 

We’ve been in operation since 1988, so we definitely understand the recruitment industry and what qualities business owners like you are looking for in apprentices/trainees. We save you time on having to look for new recruits yourself as well as costs associated with job advertising.

Our skilled Employment Consultants have years of experience and will ensure they understand the specific needs and objectives of your business when sourcing new workers. They conduct a thorough pre-screening and selection process for every candidate. 

All potential apprentices/trainees are interviewed by our team to ensure they meet your business needs before being shortlisted. As a Host Employer, you can opt to hold a final interview with shortlisted candidates before deciding on the right candidate for your business. 

Our expertise in partnering the best quality employees for businesses has meant that over the years, we’ve found that many of our Host Employers retain apprentices and trainees once they have obtained their certification and keep them on as full-time employees. The vast majority of our Host Employers and employees develop a great working relationship built on mutual respect. 


Motivated workers when you need them 

The decision to take on an apprentice or trainee is unique to each business. You may have just landed a large project and need extra hands on deck ASAP. You may be considering succession planning as some of your team members are heading towards retirement and you want to ensure their knowledge and skills are retained. Or perhaps your business has a mandated requirement to take on a certain number of apprentices/trainees every year. You may have government projects requiring  commitments for reportable training hours or you may be tendering for upcoming works and need the reassurance of staffing and apprentice options. 

Whatever the case is for your business, apprentices and trainees can be employed for either weeks, months or years. Just tell us your needs and we’ll find someone who fits the bill for the amount of time you require them. This can really help relieve pressure in your business if your employee needs fluctuate a lot so can better plan around the ups and downs. 

We strive to ensure that all our applicants are as “job ready” as possible so there’s no delay in getting them into your workplace. For example, for applicants who are interested in jobs in the building/construction industry, we would expect them to already have a licence, access to a vehicle and a Construction White Card (General Construction Induction).


On the job learning + classroom learning 

When you take on an apprentice or trainee, they will be officially signed up to a nationally recognised Training Contract. As part of this Contract, they will work and train under the supervision of an experienced team member within your business. 

In conjunction with their on-site work, apprentices and trainees will complete relevant accredited study in order to obtain a certification, usually a Certificate III, in the career path they wish to pursue. This off-site study is a combination of practical learning under guidance, and theoretical study.

Their required study typically takes place at designated Supervising Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) such as TAFE colleges and institutes. Attendance at class is usually scheduled for 2 or 3 week periods 2-3 times throughout the year (depending on the certification they are completing). Online study is also an option for some courses. 


Supporting our apprentices and trainees through Pastoral Care 

East Coast Apprenticeships offers a unique service of “Pastoral Care” to our apprentices and trainees. The value of Pastoral Care offered to students is that they are nurtured and supported by experienced Field Officers who foster encouragement, a positive influence, improved decision-making skills and increased self-esteem by ensuring each trainee is making strong progress within their traineeship and supporting them through any challenges.

This extra support helps to ensure that their time in your workplace is a productive and positive experience for both you as a business owner and for them. 

Click here to read more about our Pastoral Care policy. 

“Our small business requires a lot of multitasking in the office and we do not have the time or patience to handle any more paperwork than we have to. East Coast Apprenticeships look after all of the paperwork regarding their employment, including wages, and this is a big part of our decision to use their services. On top of the benefits to our business there is the knowledge that we are helping a person gain a qualification and ongoing employment.” 


– Gary Delaney, Delaney Constructions Pty Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge businesses to source apprentices/trainees? How does paying their wages work?

As a not-for-profit, community-based organisation, we charge Host Employers an hourly rate for each apprentice/trainee. This incorporates a small administrative fee to recoup our own costs for providing our all inclusive service. 

The hourly rate we charge per apprentice/trainee covers their:

  • Wages
  • Tax
  • Superannuation
  • Annual leave
  • Sick/bereavement leave
  • Leave loading
  • Public holiday pay
  • Workers compensation
  • Tool allowance tax (if applicable to trade)
  • Enrollment at required Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) for course classes. 

This hourly rate only needs to be paid when your apprentice/trainee is actually at work at your place of business. You won’t need to pay for the hours they are required to attend their mandatory classes, or when they are on approved leave eg. Public Holidays, annual or sick leave.

As you can invisage, our all inclusive service will certainly save your business precious time when it comes to the administrative and HR side of hiring an apprentice or trainee. 

Group Training is an attractive option for many businesses employing apprentices and trainees, as Golden West Apprenticeships is the legal employer.  This takes the risk and hard work out of employing an apprentice or trainee.

Can you tell me how much it costs to host an apprentice or trainee?

The cost to host an apprentice or trainee will depend on the relevant industry award, allowances and year level. East Coast has formulated costing sheets for every industry which are available upon enquiry.

Contact your nearest East Coast Apprenticeships Branch to speak to one of our Business Development Officers for more information on costs. 

We have offices providing management / support located at: 

  • Brisbane North (Strathpine) Head Office
  • Brisbane South (Upper Mount Gravatt)
  • Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore)
  • Bundaberg
  • Hervey Bay
Would my business technically employ the apprentice/trainee?

No, all apprentices/trainees are employed directly by East Coast Apprenticeships.

Do you offer labour hire as a service?

No, East Coast Apprenticeships is not a labour hire company and does not provide workers in that capacity. 

We seek to place apprentices/trainees with Host Employers who want to offer on-the-job training opportunities in accordance with agreed upon Training Plans.

Are there any Government incentives that my business can take advantage of to become a Host Employer?

Yes and often these depend on set Government eligibility criteria. We are happy to discuss these with you so please speak with one of our industry specialists by contacting your nearest East Coast Apprenticeship Branch.

What happens if my apprentice or trainee just isn’t working out?

If you experience any workplace issues with your apprentice/trainee, we ask you to please call your assigned Business Development Officer. They will provide the expert information you need to determine if the apprentice/trainee has the ability to improve and will involve the Field Officer to assist with resolving the issues involved; or otherwise discuss options for finding a replacement. 

We understand that in any workplace, some personalities work better together than others. Work ethics need to match expectations also and your BDO will work with you to ensure your apprentice/trainee is the right fit for your crew.

What happens if I am unable to retain an apprentice or trainee?

Simply provide your Business Development Officer at least two working days’ notice if you are in the construction industry or ten working days’ notice for all other industries. We will seek to place the apprentice/trainee with another Host Employer.

How many apprentices/trainees can you source for me?

As many as you need. However be aware that for your business, there may be an industry specific criteria for the qualified supervision of apprentices/trainees. 

For example in some trades, there must be 1 fully qualified tradesperson for each apprentice or trainee. In other industries, the ratio could be 1 to 3. 

Our Business Development Officers can advise you of any relevant supervision ratios. 

How quickly can you source an apprentice/trainee for my business?

The answer really depends on the trade. Across some industries, we have candidates ready to go right away. For other positions, we need to actively recruit for.

Register your interest to become a Host Employer 

Simply fill out the form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you to discuss how we can partner your business with a motivated apprentice or trainee. 

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