Robert Vidler – Canada Week 3

Last week seemed to have gone pretty steady but this week flew by so fast!

This week we continued with the pump room, finishing off the frame, sheeting and bracing (with plywood), installing the trusses and sheeting most of the roof with plywood. I also modified some formwork for footings and stripped it once it had been poured and set.

A few other bits and pieces in between like picking up and delivering timber to the house/mansion where the reality TV series “UNREAL” is filmed (Currently for sale at $28.8m). Dale also showed me a few other hotspots with spectacular views including taking me to the US border for a few snapshots.

On Thursday afternoon Dale knocked us off at 2:00 and took us to lunch and golf. It was pretty cool being able to play golf until 10pm as it doesn’t get dark here until almost 11:00pm. Myself and Morgan won against Dale and Ryan with a few killer putts and chips.

A massive thank you to Dale and Darlene Seatter! These guys made this experience so much more than it could have been with their amazing hospitality and generosity.

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