Employment Solutions and how ECA Can Support Your Business Model

It is important to prioritise focussing on your business without tasks like recruiting distracting you from running your company. Running a Group Training organisation placing hundreds of apprentices and trainees, we know this is easier said than done.
You may have a recruitment process in place which traditionally involves sorting through several resumes to organise interviews only to result in no-show’s or to have unsuitable candidates for the job. This can be very time consuming and results in distracting you from running your business. Your frustration leads to two things. Ignoring recruitment altogether or taking on the right employment solution.

Guiding you every step, East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) mission is to provide a cost effective and time efficient recruitment and management service for employers wanting to hire an apprentice or trainee. We will short list applicants who suit your needs ensuring they have the requirements you desire.

Once the applicants have been successful in their initial interview, our Business Development team will interview the applicants to determine their suitability for the trade they have applied for and arrange candidates to employers that suit their skill set. This is part of our plan in finding the right staff solutions and support your business model. Here is how we do it:
Our Business Development officers have been allocated trades they have expertise in and allows them to determine the applicants trade suitability. This allows ECA to put the best applicants forward and ensure we provide a seamless sign-up process so you can continue to focus on your core business.

We assign two of our team members to your business. One to work directly with you and the other to focus on the progress and development of the apprentice. This ensures both sides of the placement are covered, and you are always kept up to date.
There is no need to spend time away from your core business when it comes to recruiting. Let East Coast Apprenticeships take the burden of finding and managing suitable apprentices and trainees who are eager to work for you.

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