Legacy Apprenticeship Program

The Legacy Foundation provides services to Australian families whose spouses or parents have died or have become incapacitated while on active service or afterwards. Despite sacrifices and losses, Legacy strives to enable families to thrive.

Legacy has partnered with East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) to launch the Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway (LAP) across Queensland. LAP is customised to support Legacy family members, to secure a Trade Apprenticeship; and is an extension of our Defence Trade Program that assists returned service men and women. ECA commits to work collaboratively with Legacy to promote, support and provide apprenticeship opportunities to Legacy youths, helping create long-term career paths.

The Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway draws on the significant experience and network capacity of an alliance of GTOs across Queensland. ECA offers personalised advice and support to Legacy youths seeking a trade career through local Apprenticeships.

The Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway offers employers the opportunity to assist the families of those men and women who have bravely sacrificed in the defence of our nation. As the nation continually works to improve assisting our veterans, ECA and Legacy have partnered together to provide increased opportunities for the veteran’s families. The sacrifices made by these individuals should never be forgotten.

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