Introducing Canada Apprentice Exchange Program


East Coast Apprenticeships is proud to invite you to consider an amazing once in a lifetime offer to represent Australia as an Apprentice Ambassador in Canada.

Are you:
• An exceptional mid-2nd/ mid-3rd Year Apprentice?
• With outstanding results at college and have completed all current training requirements?
• Articulate with excellent presentation?
• Fit for overseas travel?
• Able to compile and deliver a report on your experiences?
• Happy to participate in media promoting the exchange?
• Prepared to visit Canada for a 4-week paid working experience in June?
• Are you inspired to be an outstanding Ambassador for Apprenticeships / Group Training / Queensland / Australia?

If you have said yes to ALL of the above, please advise your Field Officer that you will be completing a nomination form to apply. You will need to discuss with your Field Officer your suitability to be part of this unique opportunity.

The Apprentice Exchange Program is a fully funded scholarship to allow one exceptionally gifted East Coast Apprentice to experience life and work in Canada for a 28 day period.

To be eligible you will need to agree to provide documentation for:
• Passport
• Visa
• Medical
• Police check
• Drug and Alcohol test

This is a unique exchange opportunity to experience the Apprenticeships system in Canada and present information to Canada on how Apprenticeships work within Australia.

As an Ambassador you will strive to maintain a good image of East Coast Apprenticeships at all times. You will be chosen for your ability to lead and inspire, showing your Canadian sponsor that Australian Apprentices are the best in the world.

Your roles and responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Complete work with chosen employer (two weeks)
• Participate in study activities at a local college (one week)
• Conduct yourself in a responsible and professional manner at all times
• Commit to provide your best effort at all times
• Not engage in drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing, untoward behaviour OR similar unprofessional activities whilst on the exchange program
• Not engage in sexual harassment or conduct yourself in a way that could be construed as such e.g. using inappropriate language
• Keeping or posting inappropriate materials in your work area
• Accessing inappropriate materials on your computer
• Follow all legal instructions (particularly regarding Workplace Health and Safety)
• Not smoke in the workplace unless approved by person in charge of the site
• Be punctual in attendance of all activities
• Perform your duties conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with the best interests of East Coast Apprenticeships and Sponsor

If you feel that you have the commitment and drive to participate in this opportunity, speak to your Field Officer and complete the nomination form and return to them ASAP!

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