Defence Trade Program

Introducing the Defence Trade Program

The Defence Trade Program offers selected Veterans and Ex-Service personnel a pathway to a Trade career through a Group Training Adult Apprenticeship. The Defence Trade Program draws on the significant experience and network capacity of an alliance of GTOs across the country in locations where settlement after service is favoured.

East Coast Apprenticeships has encouraged an alliance of like-minded GTOs across the country to combine their considerable expertise and resources into a joint priority effort to help Veterans and Ex-Service personnel. This GTO commitment acknowledges the supreme service and sacrifice that Defence personnel give to the Nation.

Individual Veterans and Ex-Service personnel can register for the Program or other agencies can nominate candidates. The Programs Team will review registrations and match the candidate to an appropriate GTO; who will then arrange to meet the candidate, create an agreed Individual Transition Plan and work with them to identify a Host Employer and an offer of an Adult Apprenticeship.

The Individual Transition Plan may include some preliminary steps such as formalising any previous skills and experience through Recognising Prior Learning (RPL). A pre-vocational Trade course or Work Experience might also be identified as beneficial before starting an Apprenticeship.

The supporting GTO will work with participants to ensure they receive blended and flexible training to optimise their time at selected local quality TAFE Institutes.

The Defence Trade Program draws on the significant base of experience and access to very large networks of host employers of the Group Training alliance. Partnering organisations, including our Training Providers offer improved opportunities to secure a Trade career for personnel leaving the services.

Host Employers are essential to the success of the Program and are encouraged to consider taking Apprentices for the full term of their Apprenticeship. GTOs will accommodate the rotation of Apprentices, where necessary, to consolidate training and support Host Employers who may run out of work.

Registrations for both Host Employers and Veterans are now open:

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