Car & Licence Required

Construction White Card

Working At Heights

Attention To Detail

A Solid Plastering Apprenticeship provides training to apply decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement or similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Solid plasterers work alone or in groups of two or three, indoors and outdoors.

You may be expected to

  • Level and straighten corners, angles and wall and ceiling surfaces
  • Clean and prepare surfaces by stapling wire-mesh frames to them, or roughening them with mechanical hammers
  • Mix and apply coats of plaster, cement, render or similar materials to walls and ceilings, levelling and smoothing them by using trowles to obtain an even thickness

Career Prospect

The skills and knowledge gained during the time completing a Certificate III in Solid Plastering will allow you to have the experience for several other job roles within the industry.

A Solid Plastering Apprenticeship can lead to various career outcomes such as a builder, a tradesman, a supervisor or even a project manager!