Car & Licence Required

Construction White Card

Working At Heights

Physically Demanding

Working Outdoors

Bricklayers work with clay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete bricks, masonry blocks and other types of building bricks in mortar to construct and repair veneer and full brick construction, partitions, arches and other structures. Bricklayers work outdoors and may have to work at heights, or in tunnels and shafts. They usually work in teams and may be employed by bricklaying subcontractors or building and construction companies.

You may be expected to

  • Reading from plans and specifications
  • Sealing foundations with waterproof materials
  • Spread layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks, remove any excess mortar, and check vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Use various hand tools and brick-cutting machines to cut, shape and lay bricks

Career Prospect

A Bricklaying / Blocking Apprenticeship can lead to being employed by a QLD bricklaying subcontractor and building and construction companies; or you might decide to be your own boss, as a self-employed tradesperson.