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Host & Apprentice Profile

Thursday 12 October 2017

Category: General

Name: Hayden Taylor

Trade: Carpentry           

Level: 4th Year

Current Host: PWD Constructions

ECA Field Officer: Heath Carroll

As a young carpentry apprentice Hayden Taylor joined the team at East Coast Apprenticeships on the 4/11/13 and throughout his journey he was placed with a few different hosts during his 1st year before starting with PWD Constructions on 5/8/14. Since being placed with PWD, Hayden and Host have been together since.

Since Hayden’s journey with PWD his younger brother, Chase has also been signed up as a carpentry apprentice with ECA and hosted by PWD in what must seem like a case of de javu except Hayden will now supervise, train and mentor his younger brother.



Host Name: PWD Constructions

Industry: Carpentry

ECA Host Since: 2014

Current Apprentices: 2

ECA Field Officer: Heath Carroll

PWD Construction have very good reputation as high end renovators that can complete the most difficult jobs.

Since starting together, Peter has taken real pride in teaching, mentoring and watching Hayden mature into a young tradesman who is both confident in his ability and a trusted and respected part of the PWD team. 

When talking to Peter and Hayden the factor that stands out among all others is the mutual respect that each has for the other, and it is that respect that has allowed for such an enjoyable journey throughout the apprenticeship.