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Monday 14 August 2017

Category: General


Name: Lachlan Wood

Trade: Painter & Decorator

Level: 1st Year

Current Host: Jade Painting

ECA Field Officer: Allan Allard

Lachlan has been with Jade Painting for six months now and is taking a real shine to his painting apprenticeship. Lachlan is looking forward to becoming a qualified painter and after talking to his host Shane, he is taking all the right steps to achieve his goal.

Possessing a good work ethic and looking to continually improve is what Lachlan is all about.

If you start with the end result in mind you tend to get through your workload. Lachlan goes a long way to achieving the desired finish. At the end of the day you can look at your work and be proud of it.

Lachlan has also indicated that when he is qualified he would like to stay on as part of Jade Painting.



Host Name: Jade Painting

Industry: Painting & Decorating

ECA Host Since: 2010

Current Apprentices: 1

ECA Field Officer: Allan Allard

Jade Painting is a small family owned business that operates from Algester on the south side of Brisbane. Shane has owned and operated the business since 2006. Jade Painting have been a valued host for East Coast Apprenticeships for many years now.

Jade Painting have helped quite a few apprentices along their journey and can see the importance of having qualified tradies for future generations.

Testimonials often refer to Shane and his team as having an eye for detail combined with a good knowledge of which colours flow into each other to achieve the best results. Shane mainly concentrates on new construction, both in a domestic as well as a commercial environment.