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Apprentice Profile - Jordan Williams

Monday 10 July 2017

Category: General

Name: Jordan Williams

Trade: Plumber

Level: 1st Year

Current Host: Grant Johnson Plumbing & Gas

ECA Field Officer: Mark Vincent


Jordan Williams is a 1st Year Apprentice Plumber. Over the past few months Jordan has been working on the new emergency service building on Whylie Street in Bundaberg. Jordan said he has learnt a lot from the tradies he works with.

During this time Jordan has leant new skills including: the installation of fire and water mains, sewage and trade waste, domestic and civil stormwater, reticulated water systems and the fitting of PC items. The thing Jordan loves most about being an apprentice plumber is being able to work outside.

“Jordan is clearly loving his new career pathway as an apprentice plumber. Jordan is a conscientious and upbeat young apprentice. I only ever hear positive comments from Jordan's host and their tradies.” Field officer Mark Vincent.