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Monday 12 June 2017

Category: General

Host Name: Joshua Braiden Carpentry

Industry: Carpentry

ECA Host Since: 2015

Current Apprentices: 1

ECA Field Officer: Keith Vacher


Joshua has been a licensed carpenter for 5 years. He does some renovations, including his own home which he bought as an apprentice. Josh has built an addition to his home as large as the original dwelling and also completed extensive renovations. Apprentice Alex Davies will help with Josh’s home renovations in their spare time. 

Josh has nicknamed Alex “The Wizard” and has high regards for him.

Field Officer, Keith Vacher has a high regard for Host Employer Joshua Braiden.

Josh takes a great deal of pride in the quality of his work and the quality of his training of apprentices, always with an essential focus on safety.

Josh believes in teaching an apprentice as quickly as they can hear and giving the apprentice increased responsibility as they can handle it. This training style is applauded by Josh's field officer Keith Vacher and the results are impressive.