ECA Apprentice / Trainee FAQs

ECA Apprentice / Trainee

I haven’t been paid what do I do?

If you have completed and submitted a timesheet by 9am Monday and you have not received your pay, follow these steps and check the following:

  • If submitted via email, you have received a confirmation receipt.
  • Your email sent.
  • Your timesheet was attached.
  • Your timesheet was legible, clear and completed with all correct details.
  • You and your Host/College have signed your timesheet.

If still unresolved contact the finance department on (07) 3881 3166.

Timesheets received after 9:00am on the Monday of the pay week will not be processed in that pay run. 

Note: Pay weeks and Public Holidays can be found on the white slip at the front of your timesheet book. Public Holidays may delay processing times.

When should I contact my field officer?

It is your responsibility to inform your Field Officer when:

  • You can’t work or go to College (includes Inclement / wet weather days for Construction)
  • You can’t get your timesheet signed
  • Your Host says there’s no more work for you
  • You have a car accident, work injury or near miss
  • You have serious concerns regarding safety, bullying or harassment
  • You missed a call, text or email from East Coast
  • Any time you have concerns or questions regarding your apprenticeship / traineeship.

What do I do if I get hurt at work?

Tell your supervisor immediately and follow medical advice.  Tell your Field Officer ASAP. If you see a doctor, ask for a Worker’s Compensation Medical Certificate (WCMC).

I’ve run out of pages in my timesheet book, how do I get a new one?

Contact your Field Officer when the pages in your timesheet book are getting low so they can supply you with a new one OR you can also visit your local East Coast branch to pick up a new timesheet book.

Blank Timesheet Form can be downloaded from our website in the Policies & Forms section.

What do I do if I am sick?

If you are sick the first thing you need to do is let your host employer or College know ASAP. You must then advise your Field Officer. You must provide a medical certificate if you are sick for more than two days OR before/ after a public holiday.

Where can I get a Leave Application Form?

You can get a Leave Application Form from your Field Officer, an ECA branch or here

Who do I talk to if I see something unsafe (hazard) at work?

Report all hazards to your Supervisor / Host immediately. Workplace hazards must be addressed before work can continue safely. Contact your Field Officer if the hazard remains.

What do I do if my PPE is not fit for use (eg badly scratched safety glasses)?

It is your responsibility to be fit for work, including your PPE. If you are on site, report to your supervisor or host employer that your PPE is not fit for use and you require a replacement (eg scratched safety glasses). DO NOT begin working without the required PPE.

Contact your Field Officer to discuss replacements for any PPE that East Coast initially issued to you.  

For more information regarding safety, visit our safety page.