Enhanced Pathways Program for Commercial Cooking

On Monday 30th September, East Coast Apprenticeships partnering with TAFE Queensland launched the first Enhanced Pathways Program for Commercial Cooking.

This unique course will establish the basis of a strategy to rollout 600 apprentice opportunities for commercial cooking across the State in the coming 2020-21 period.

The course has a robust selection process including psychometric assessments and behavioural interviews.

The training has been enhanced by the inclusion of selected training elements from meat, fish, poultry and stocks and sauces. Included in the training will be presentations on Industrial Relations, Mental Health and wellness and Situational Safety specific to the sector.

This first course has been filled with aspiring chefs who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to a career in cooking, a passion for cooking.

Candidates who were multilingual and had some experience in international cuisine were encouraged to apply.