Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway Program

Introducing Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway Program

Helping Legacy supported youth in seeking a pathway into a Trade Apprenticeship Legacy is a charity that provides services to Australian families’ whose spouse or parent have died or become incapacitated either on service or subsequently. Legacy does whatever it takes to enable families to thrive, despite their sacrifice and loss.

Legacy has partnered with East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) to launch the Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway across Queensland. The Pathway offers support to Legacy family members, to secure a Trade Apprenticeship; and leverages off the support of ECA and its Alliance Group Training Organisations. ECA commits to work collaboratively with Legacy to promote, support and provide Apprenticeship opportunities to Legacy young people, helping create long-term career paths.

The Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway draws on the significant experience and network capacity of an alliance of GTOs across Queensland. Together with our Alliance Network of GTOs, ECA offers personalised advice and support to Legacy family members seeking a Trade career; and will, where possible, prioritise those family members seeking local Apprenticeships.

ECA pledges to provide Legacy Apprenticeship Pathway participants priority support towards gaining a nationally recognised Trade Qualification through a Group Training Apprenticeship.