Introducing OzzieAdopt

In 2015, East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) recognised the importance of language training, positive socialising and case management into the dignity of work, for our newest Australians, Refugees.

Throughout our efforts developing practical support for Refugees, we observed that each of these critical functions appeared in many current practices, to be delivered sequentially with the efforts to secure the dignity of work only being initiated well into the term of engagement. It was a strongly held view of ECA that defining the talents, skills and experiences along with the aspirations of a Refugee should occur as early as possible in the settlement process. Establishing focus on the dignity of work and an individual’s circumstances can become a very powerful self-motivator and creates its own synergy for language development and socialising.

Consequently, the concept of OzzieAdopt was formulated to bring together into the one ‘time and space’ these three critical settlement functions. For a ‘Pilot Program’ this would be achieved by offering a three-month work experience placement in an office environment to one suitable individual.

The purpose of the OzzieAdopt Program was to determine:

“Whether the integration of a student currently studying English into a workplace dramatically improves their socialising and English comprehension; while at the same time allowing case management towards a job outcome.”

There is compelling evidence that the objectives of bringing together the three critical elements of language skills, socialising and relevant focus on employment are synergised when delivered and supported in the same time and space. It was established that one day per week for 5 hours over 12 weeks was sufficient time to run the Pilot and to gauge outcomes.

To be part of the Program, a suitable candidate is someone who identifies with the following:
➢ Refugee status
➢ Female
➢ Currently studying a Certificate II in English

Contact Program Manager, Kylie Symonds on
(07) 3480 7454 OR via the contact form below