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A Career In Caring

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*If you would genuinely like to change careers we have strong interest from multiple Care Providers who want to employ successful participants in this intake - please leave your details (to the right on desktop and below on mobile) so we know you are interested so we can call you. Recruiting Again Soon*

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We want to get you employed in a Caring Career!

Where: To Be Advised
How: 6 Weeks part-time hands-on training
Why: 93% of past participants secured long term work
What: Skills-Based Training Employers are looking for to employ you

We have partnered with large care providers to provide the right training and an introduction to employment upon completing your part-time course. The rest is up to you. Get started by filling out the form to your right (on desktop) or below (on mobile) with your details so we know you are interested in this career opportunity.

Wanting to do work that is rewarding but also close to home with flexible hours?  Sounds like a fictional story - but it can be your story.  Especially for those who have not been in the workforce for some time or are looking to change but have no experience.  Disability or aged care work will offer you the sense of giving back to the community and provide you with steady employment close to where you live.

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If you are genuinely looking to change vocation or come back to the workforce, three things are important.  Choosing a course or program which will provide a high chance of employment, a variety of tasks, close to where you live.  Our Enhanced Pathways Program into Disability Support and Aged Care work has a 93% career success rate of student placements after successful completion.  We believe in taking away your frustrations and managing the course load to present a program offer tailored to success.

This is why East Coast Apprenticeships created the Enhanced Pathways Programs.  To guide you through the process of learning and change.  Upskilling you, while acknowledging the process needs to cater for all learning abilities, those currently working, returning to the workforce, or changing careers. 

Firstly, East Coast Apprenticeships has planned the entire learning experience for you.  We have consulted industry service providers and included the most important parts of their feedback into one program.  Including highly regarded skills not currently offered with the minimum qualifications but sought by employers.  Secondly, our plan is to help you navigate the program designed to get you into the care sector.  

So what are you waiting for? A course with no out-of-pocket expenses, providing education and on-the-job training in a field offering flexible work hours, at locations close to where you live.   And remember 93% of course participants go into careers - post successful completion.

Coming back into the workforce or changing careers can be an uphill battle. Overwhelming especially if you have no current work experience.  This is why we have made the course easy for those with no experience to fit in and participate.  But most of all we have designed this for you not to fail.  A buddy system to get you through no matter what learning level you are at. 

Let East Coast Apprenticeships Enhanced Pathways program help you avoid all the pitfalls and hurdles to come back into the workforce or change jobs.  Let us help you do it with a planned, industry-designed career pathway introducing you to the specific work within the care sector. 

By completing the program with us you will have gained real industry insight, employer engagement, and overcome common job-seeking barriers.  All within a growing care sector needing trained staff at locations close to where you live.  Further still, specialist training not offered in other courses makes you as a future employee more valuable.  We have seen our participants' confidence grow as they progress.  And most of all we have seen 93% of our course finishers go onto successful employment in the care sector.  A sector that offers flexible hours and a sense of community combined.  


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