Dyslexia Support Program

Introducing the Dyslexia Support Program (DSP)

Having researched Dyslexia and the impact that is has on Australians, it was discovered that those diagnosed with Dyslexia can achieve high levels of learning but are often challenged by standard learning practices, particularly where there is a heavy reliance on written text.

In order to help combat this misunderstanding and consequent lack of support, East Coast Apprenticeships now provides a unique structured Apprentice and Trainee recruitment, retention and completion support service for South East Queenslanders with Dyslexia (as well as those diagnosed with ADHD and/or other learning difficulties).

The Dyslexia Support Program uses tailored tools and mentoring techniques to encourage and facilitate successful participation in and completion of a Traineeship or Apprenticeship.

Due to the fact that testing a person with Dyslexia via the functional skills test can set them up for failure, East Coast Apprenticeships has adopted the use of a language free assessment tool called the ‘Q-Test’. This non-language-based assessment helps identify trainability in candidates. This assessment tool has also shown to motivate and encourage participants. Utilising this tool along with the rest of the robust selection process is our way of increasing retention within our Trainees and Apprentices.

“You’re in Good Company”