Benefits of Hiring An Apprentice Over General Labour Hire

If business is growing it may be an easy solution to seek a quick fix of short-term recruitment through labour hire. However, labour hire is essentially a temporary answer to a long-term problem. The solution we have for you? Hiring an apprentice or trainee. Packed with many benefits the candidates applying for an apprenticeship are more driven to work. They are working towards earning a qualification to focus on their long-term career goals.

East Coast Apprenticeships (ECA) goal is to ensure you as the employer are satisfied with the candidates, by only presenting those that meet your workplace expectations. We provide all apprentices with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their trade and deliver general safety inductions before commencing with your company. In short, we are here to guide you through the process.

Change in business will always happen. If you thought labour hire reduces your business risk in a downturn, think of this. Should your workload reduce, we can rotate apprentices to different host employers to expose them to different industry requirements (skillsets). Notwithstanding if the workload reduction is only temporary we can rotate the apprentice back to you when work picks up again. Slipping right back into your business plans helping you maintain your growth and reducing retraining or lengthy induction processes again.

ECA supports many local companies and have inspired many apprentices/trainees to gain their qualification. We want to be successful in finding you the right apprentice or apprentices and make a positive impact on your business story.

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